NOTE*** There are 31.1 Grams in 1 Troy Oz


NOTE*** There are 20 Pennyweights in 1 Troy Oz

Best Place To Sell Gold Jewelry For Cash

Many people want to know where to get the most money for their jewelry when they sell gold online. Unfortunately, it isn’t a straightforward question to answer. At NPMEX, we strive to offer the most money for jewelry of all types. However, it is essential to mention that not all gold jewelry is of equal value. Some types of jewelry will inevitably sell for more because of the higher purity of gold used. It also boils down to the online gold buyers’ policies.

Gold jewelry by major brands like Cartier, and Tiffany, for instance, will often sell for more than one by a relatively unknown brand, so that premium name tag does have some value. However, most traditional jewelers are buying gold at its so-called melt value, which is based solely on weight and carat. That is why knowing where to sell is important.

What Are Your Options When It Comes To Selling Gold Jewelry?

Honestly, you can sell your gold jewelry to just about anyone, from a pawn shop to an online gold buyer like us. However, it is important to know what you can expect from each type of buyer to make the right choice. Below we’ve listed some of the most common places to sell your gold jewelry:

The local jeweler: Your friendly local jeweler buys a lot of jewelry and makes the lowest offer even though it may not look that way. Local jewelers buy jewelry based on its melt value, which means that the crafting of the jewelry and the brand or its condition is meaningless. While you may assume that the melt value is the current going rate of gold, that’s not the case; it is around 20% lower, and the purity of gold is factored into the offer made. The gold price you are offered is also lower because the buyer is hedging their bets so to speak.

Your local pawn shop: The local pawn shop will buy gold items of all types, from branded gold jewelry to gold bullion and make a pretty fair offer. However, most pawn shops hedge their investment by making a lowball offer and then maybe adding another 5% to it if the seller wants to negotiate. Usually, it is possible to negotiate on the sale of branded jewelry or antiques, compared to scrap gold.

Online jewelry buyers: Over the past few years, the number of online buyers has skyrocketed. However, most are just pawnshop owners and the local jeweler with a website. They don’t necessarily have the tools needed to offer sellers the true value of the gold jewelry they are buying.

At NPMEX, we pay more, if not the fair value of the gold jewelry being purchased. This is done for two reasons: we have the necessary tools to evaluate the jewelry before purchase. The second is that we are experts. So, whether it is a bracelet, a set of earrings, or even gold coins for that matter, you can be assured of a fair offer.

How To Sell Your Pure Gold Jewelry?

Generally speaking, you will want to know a few things before selling any gold jewelry. You will want to know its purity, the current price of gold and find a buyer who will pay you what it is worth.

How Much Pure Gold

To know what your jewelry is worth, you need to know its purity. Fortunately, that’s easy to do, requiring you to read the purity marks on the jewelry. If your item is marked 24K, it means it is a 24-carat piece. The purity is usually stamped into the piece or etched into it. The piece may be marked as “18K” or maybe “750”, which means that it is made up of 25% impurities; the 14K gold piece may be marked as “585,” which means 58.5% gold.

It is important to note that most bullion and gold bars are 24K gold.

Check Gold Spot Price(s)

As of the writing of this article, gold is at a 7-year high, with record resale. Many websites carry historical gold prices, which give you a pretty good average reference point. That said, knowing exactly when to sell your gold isn’t exactly easy. That said buying gold amongst other precious metals is still a very good investment.

Finding a Reputed Buyer

You will want to start by checking out the Better Business Bureau rating of the business you want to sell to. Other places to check are Yelp and Trustpilot. A good company will have more positive reviews than negative ones, but read a few of those reviews too. Furthermore, you can always speak with friends and family to find out who to sell your gold to online.

Why Sell Your Gold To NPMEX?

While we acknowledge that there are many companies buying gold online, there are a few reasons why you will want to sell your gold to us, in addition to being offered a better price.

We value your business – Our team provides excellent customer service by making offers almost as soon as we receive the item for sale. It is a lot like selling it at a jewelry store but for a better price.

The latest equipment – We use the latest equipment to evaluate each piece of jewelry closely so that we can make the best offer. If the jewelry has diamonds, we will offer you more money for it.

We buy gold jewelry of all types – Regardless of when it was made, the brand, or any other detail; we will buy your jewelry and make the best possible offer for it. In most instances, sellers can attest to the fact that we’ve made them the best offer. However, if they (you) decide not to sell your jewelry for the offer we make, we will send it back to you for free.

Contact Us Today

If you want to sell gold jewelry for the highest price, get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to evaluate your jewelry and make an offer.