How Can I Get An Appraisal On A Collection or Item I am Looking to Sell?

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    How Do You Pay For Items You Purchase?

    1. If Items where mailed in for final review and inspection, then once we receive the items and review the items we will get back to the client and finalize the offer.  Once both parties agree on a price payment will be issued within 24 hours via wire or e-check.
    2. If we meet in person, once our buyer goes over your items they will present you with a cash offer.  We can pay by cash, wire transfer or check

    Do You Also Sell Rare Coins and Precious Metals?

    Yes, we are not just buyers of rare coins and precious metals, but also sellers.  Looking to buy? Contact Us today

      I Am New To Precious Metal Investing. Can Your Company Help Me Understand How It Works?

      We are more then happy to help new investors in precious metals understand the basics so they can feel more comfortable in making decisions.  Contact us today!