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What Is The Silver Coin Melt Value?

Just about every coin minted from silver has a precise silver coin melt value that is proportionate to the present spot prices of the metal. That’s why silver coin melt values change a lot. Generally, if you know the silver coin’s weight, purity, and current spot rate, you can easily determine its melt value. Depending on the silver coin you are looking to sell you might get around the silver melt price for that coin or more if the coin is rare or silver is in high demand at the time you are looking to sell.  At NPMEX, we are coin experts and can help you determine the value of your silver coins.  Give us a call at 303-500-5159 or contact via email.

When you sell a U.S silver coin to us, the team at NPMEX strives to ensure that you are paid the highest possible price. Often, the coins have numismatic value, which means they should be fairly worth above the current market price of silver. At present, we have the best deals for silver coins and offer excellent deals on other metals too. We serve both individual collectors and businesses alike, both of whom can expect the highest possible prices.

You can use the chart above to figure out your US Coins Silver Melt Value, if you visit our page “Silver Coins Two Sided Market” you will see some of our current payouts for silver coins.  Anytime you like you can come to this page and use our free online melt value calculator.

Calculating the Melt Value Of United States Silver Coins

In most cases, you are calculating the melt value of circulated silver coins as opposed to ones in mint condition. One of the reasons why you want to calculate the melt value is to be knowledgeable of the current value of the silver in each US silver coin you have.  At NPMEX, we educate people about what they can expect when they buy or sell silver coins, so they know they are getting the right price for the silver coins they are looking to transact in.

By using the US Coins Silver Melt Value Calculator above you can quickly determine the silver value in your US silver coins, just put the amount of the coins you have in the section that allows you to input the number of coins and the site will quickly give you an up to the minute value of the silver in those coins.

The Melt Value of .999 Silver Coins

Depending on the market condition many .999 silver coins trade above their melt value.  We have our two side silver market on our site so you can see live up to date prices on silver coins you are looking to transact in.  Click on “Silver Coins Two Sided Market” for our live two-sided markets on popular silver coins.

If you have damaged .999 silver coins, such as silver .999 coins with deep scratches, these coins will usually be worth only the value of the silver in them, because it will be difficult to resale damaged silver coins.  Most people if they see a damaged silver .999 coin will assume that some weight has been lost and will not buy those damaged silver .999 coins.  In rare cases there might be some rare value to the coin, but generally speaking damaged .999 silver coins will sell for around melt value.   Usually, these are not good enough to be resold. However, you will also need to make sure that your silver coins are .999 silver, at NPMEX we can help you determine if your .999 silver coins are genuine and give you an immediate offer on your silver coins.

The Melt Value Of 925 Silver Coins

It is also referred to as sterling silver and is one of the most common purities of silver for minting coins.  Lots of coins of .925 (sterling) purity have been minted by private mints, one of the largest private mints of .925 sterling coins is the Franklin Mint.  Many Sterling Silver Coin Sets have been minted by the Franklin Mint.  Often times these coins are hard to sell to collectors because they are not pure silver coins .999, but rather have a purity of .925, which is less popular with investors then .999 pure silver coins.  Generally speaking, .925 or sterling silver coins are recycled into new coins after having been melted down.

.900 Silver Coin Values

The US government minted .900 silver coins including the dimes, quarters, and half dollars from 1964 and earlier. The difference in value is only 2.5% compared to .925 silver.  Unlike sterling silver coins that are usually melted down because they are difficult to resell to the general public, 90% silver coins from governments mints are usually resold to investors. One of the most popular investments for silver investors is the US 90% silver coins (dimes, quarters, and half dollars) 1964 and earlier.  The premium to buy and sell these coins change every day.  NPMEX has our bid and ask price for 90% US Silver Coins on our site, click on here to get to that page “Silver Coins Two Sided Market“.

When Should You Sell Silver Coins At Melt Value?

We often tell people that all silver coins are generally worth more than the face value since the prices of silver have increased exponentially in recent years. Today, the typical silver dollar is worth $20 instead of the $1 face value. That said, some silver coins are worth more than the value of the silver metal used in the coin. The value is referred to as numismatic or collectible value. Usually, these are collectors’ coins, which means that a collector will pay more for them based on their age and rarity. If anything, melting these so-called collectors’ coins is a waste of money. Take, for instance, the 1922 Peace dollar coin in uncirculated condition is worth around $40, whereas its melt value is around $18 which is irrelevant of present silver prices.

If a rare silver coin is severely damaged, i.e., has deep scratches, etc., it would be worth a lot less then if it was in better condition or uncirculated condition.   Lots of rare coin collectors are looking for rare silver coins in fair or mint condition, and if the rare coin is damaged, many collectors would rather not own that damaged coin.

You can do a bit of research by looking up the age and the type of coin(s) you have.  To help with your research we suggesting buying, The Official Red Book, A Guide Book of United States Coins, click on the link to purchase from our site, Whitman 2022 Red Book Pricing Guides – NPMEX.   Again, the condition plays an important role in its value. Usually, uncirculated mint condition coins are worth significantly more in value compared to worn or corroded coins. Often coins with unusual mistakes, aka minting errors, can be worth more as well.

If you have a question about the mint value of a silver coin, feel free to contact us today. 303-500-5159 or via email