Australian Silver Coin Melt Value

Everything You Wanted To Know About Australian Silver Coins

Today, the Perth Mint also referred to as the Royal Australian Mint is the oldest mint operating in Australia. It is well over a hundred years old! Originally established as a branch of the UK’s Royal Mint similar to (the Royal Canadian mint) in 1899, it is now recognized internationally for producing some of the finest quality silver and gold coins in addition to other precious metals. The Perth Mint, as it is called, specializes in minting both uncirculated coins and proof coins, with annual releases in platinum and gold in addition to silver and palladium. The mint also won the Guinness World Record for minting the largest Gold Australian Kangaroo coin weighing a ton!

The country’s latest silver coins display its rich and diverse wildlife with many iconic animals like the Kangaroo, Koala, and Kookaburra coins. All silver coins are 99.9% pure and range from the 1 oz coin on the light end to the 10 kilogram or 22-pound coin on the high end. The coins feature classic design features, which helps them stand out from the rest.

Every Silver bullion coin or coin produced is issued as legal tender, as per the 1965 Australian Currency act. Almost every savvy collector knows that Australian silver coins give them an opportunity to own pure silver, which the government backs in terms of authenticity, purity, and weight. In other words, buying Australian silver coins are a safe investment.

This article will go over some of the most popular Australian Silver Coins, considered a product of Australia’s successful bullion coin program, and what makes them collector-worthy.

Silver Kookaburra Coins – One of the Most Popular Perth Mint Silver Coins

The Australian Kookaburra silver coin series has the lowest annual mintage of all silver coins in the world. However, savvy silver coin collectors tend to snap whatever is produced as soon as they are available. Available up to a Troy ounce, these coins are 99.9% pure silver, and it has been this way ever since they were first produced in 1990. However, the mint tends to change or revise the design of the reverse annually and is considered legal tender, which sells out faster than most people can buy it.

Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coins

Over the past twenty years, we have seen that the Silver Kangaroo dollars have accounted for over a million in legal tender produced in 1 oz weights. It is also a very popular coin in the collectible coin market. The coin is 99.9% silver, like most other silver coins minted at the Perth mint.

What makes the Silver Kangaroo coins stand out is their heft, owing to their large diameter, coupled with designs for a single year only. That means there is a new iteration of the design annually, which makes it so sought after by collectors and investors.

Australian Silver Lunar Coins

The Australian Silver Lunar Coins are amongst the very few lunar series to feature a portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Again like other coins minted, the Silver Lunar is 99.9% silver like its bullion bars and is considered legal tender but available in many sizes. Over the years, these have become highly coveted amongst collectors around the world.

The Australian Lunar series mainly reflects twelve animals depicted within the Chinese Lunar Calendar, hence its name. The series has so far gone through three phases, i.e., from 1999-2010, then later from 2008 to 2020, and the third is ongoingly referred to as the Lunar III series. The series of coins are available as both standard and colored proof, but their uniqueness makes them stand out.

The Rectangular Australian Silver Coins

The rectangular silver coins or rectangular coins as they are called are mainly a celebration of the Chinese Dragon, providing an intriguing opportunity to collect this uniquely shaped coin. Made from 99.9% pure silver, these were originally minted in 2015, and since then, have been in continuous production. Surprisingly despite its somewhat unusual shape, it is still like all other silver coins considered legal tender across Australia.

Marvel Series Silver Coins

The Marvel Series Silver coins were first minted in 2019 with an image of Captain Marvel. The design was memorable and was mainly inspired by the blockbuster film also released during that year. Later in 2021, the Perth Mint minted an antique coin featuring another Marvel character, Black Panther but in the shape of the protagonist’s mask.

The Marvel Series is also officially licensed by Marvel and is a must-have for any themed collector or fan of the Marvel Universe.

Final Word About Australian Silver Bullion Coins

The Perth Mint has over the years produced or stamped countless silver coins, cherished and enjoyed by collectors and investors alike. In addition to what we discussed above, some of the most notable coins by the mint are high-relief proof coins like the Star Trek proof coins, which is very similar to the Lunar Series II. Furthermore, there is a great deal of variety when it comes to silver coins produced by Australian mints in general.

Australian silver coins have the highest melt value because they are 99.9% pure silver, so that means you can sell it for very near what the going rate of silver is at the time of sale. What that means is that you can get the most money for damaged coins compared to other silver coins that aren’t minted with 99.9% pure silver. It is another reason why these silver coins are such an excellent investment.