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Collateral Loans – Jewelry, Coin, Bullion, Watches, Diamonds

NPMEX makes it easy to borrow against your gold bullion, silver bullion, rare coins, paper currency or jewelry

Some of our clients are not looking to sell, but need short-term liquidity for various reasons. For these clients NPMEX offers precious metals collateral loans, rare coins collateral loans, jewelry collateral loans , luxury watch collateral loans, and collateral loans on other valuables.  We offer lower interest rates and higher loan to value then our competition.  Our collateral loans on precious metal loans, rare coins and jewelry are offered at industry low rates between 1% to 5% depending on amount and length of the collateralized loan.  Our loans are offered through our affiliate Jewelry & Coin Banc.

It is easy to get a short-term collateralized loan with Jewelry & Coin Banc.  If your looking to leverage your items to get a collateralized loan, we offer loans from $2500 to $50,000 at interest rates as low as 1% with no hidden fees.  Getting a collateralized loan on your precious metals, rare coins, or jewelry is now easy.



Fill out our free and simple form describing your items. After reviewing your submission, our team of experts will contact you with an initial quote, usually within one business day.

Some types of items we loan on:

How our Loan Process Works

  • You pay shipping to us.
  • We pay the shipping insurance.
  • We pay return shipping and insurance.
  • No storage fees. Items are insured and stored in secure monitored vaults.

Getting A Collateral Loan on your Hard Assets Is Easy

Start to finish our loan process takes one week or less.

1) Submit a list of your items online or give us a call for a Free Initial Appraisal and collateral loan offer.​​

2) Ship or deliver your coins or collectibles to us for physical inspection and final loan quote.

3) Once signed loan agreement is received, we issue the funds immediately.

4) Once you pay off the loan, we return your items – fully insured – at our expense.

Benefits of our Coin Loans, Silver Loans, Gold Loans

  • No payments for the first 60 days.
  • Great rates. Your secure hard assets allow for loan for as little as 1%
  • Fast. Get paid within 48 hrs of your items receipt and appraisal.
  • Safe. Items are secured in private bank vaults and fully Insured.
  • Flexible terms. Pay up to one percent less on loans beyond six months.
  • Avoid monthly payment by structuring your loan in two to three month intervals.
  • You retain ownership of your pledged items.
  • No Credit Checks as you are backing your loan with hard assets.
  • No prepayment penalty. Loans may be paid in part or in full before maturity without penalty.
  • Interest Rate Reduction. We will reduce your interest rate by up to one percentage point if you borrow beyond six months, this with the proviso that payments have been made on time

Free Loan Appraisal for Your Valuables – Jewelry, Coins, Gold, Silver, and Luxury Watch

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