NPMEX is a trusted industry leader offering buying, selling and loan services to its clients on precious metal material, rare coins, rare US paper currency, jewelry, diamonds, watches and other high-end valuables throughout the United States. On a daily basis we provide clients with the best possible prices and rates.

Unlike other coin dealers and jewelry buyers we provide transparent pricing on your items, so you do not have to guess if you are getting a fair deal or not. Most coin dealers, jewelry buyers, pawn shops, antique shops, and other secondhand dealers try to confuse clients by giving them a bulk price for their items or collection, unfortunately this means less money for the client. NPMEX shows our clients what they are getting paid for each item, giving them peace of mind, they are getting paid the most for each of their valuables.  Also, unlike most Coin dealers, we will buy whole collections and do not cherry-pick the best coins and then leave our clients with half of a collection they were looking to sell. We are ready buyers interested in all of your material.

If your considering buying, selling, getting a loan on, or just wondering the value of your bullion, rare coins, rare US currency, jewelry, diamond, or luxury watch, contact National Precious Metal Exchange today.

Have Questions on Buying or Selling Precious Metals, Coins, Jewelry, Currency, Diamonds, Luxury Watches? We have Experts ready to answer you questions. Contact us today.

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