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    If you are in the US and have silver in any form including silver bars, silver coins, rare silver coins, silver jewelry, or other silver items and you are interested in getting them appraised to possibly sell, we make the process easy and transparent. As a trusted Silver Buyer and Silver Dealer in the United States we operate differently than most of the other local US Silver Buyers in that we provide clear and firm prices for silver jewelry, silver bullion and numismatic coins. Our experts have years of experience and are buying and selling silver jewelry, silver coins, and other silver items on a daily basis.  They are up to date on the latest price trends, which allows them to pay more for your silver jewelry, rare silver coins, silver bullion coins, or other silver items than other local silver buyers.

    Please Note: We are also expert buyers of us mint coins, foreign coins, rare coins, paper money, luxury watches, diamonds as well as other numismatic material and precious metals. We do not cherry pick coin collections and gold & silver jewelry items. We make strong offers on all coins, precious metals and numismatic material you are interested in selling.

    We Provide Transparent Prices So Our Customers Know They Are Getting The Best Prices.


    At the top of the page are some of our live Silver Coins & Bullion Prices as well as Silver Jewelry Payouts.  The prices are strictly for silver bullion and scrap silver material.

    *** Notice to our customers and future customers*** We Pay more for numismatic bullion material and premium brand name/Indian Jewelry and we know our stuff!

    Our clear, transparent prices help our customers know they are getting the best price for the silver items they are looking to transact in.  Non-numismatic silver bullion and other non-numismatic precious metal transactions are straight forward and so is our pricing.

    Since we are both buyers and sellers of silver bullion, and silver numismatic coins, we pay more than other coin companies who just buy or sell.   Contact us with the silver items or numismatic items you are interested in selling or buying and one of our experts will provide you with a free, no obligation offer or price.

    There are many silver bullion coins that carry extra numismatic value due to their rarity.  As professional silver buyers and silver dealers we recognize these rarities and pay current liquid fair market value for these rarities.   With our national clientele of buyers, we need your material.

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      Some Silver Coins & Bullion We Currently Have For Sale.

      If you have been asking yourself questions like, “Where can I sell my silver coins for the most money?” or “Where is the best place to sell my silver jewelry?” or “Where is the best place to sell rare silver coins?” or “Who buys silver coins?” or “Silver buyer near me?” or “Silver dealer near me?” let us show you why hundreds of people have chosen National Precious Metals Exchange as their answer.

      Sell Silver Coins and Silver Bullion At Great Prices!

      Anyone who is searching for a reputable online gold buyer has certainly come to the right place. NPMEX is an expert sliver dealer with a year of experience buying and selling all manner of silver jewelry, coins from sterling silver to half dollars, and other items. In fact, we buy lots of silver almost every day, based on the most current prices. That’s why we have over the years become the go-to online dealer for all things sliver metal-related.

      Unlike the competition, NPMEX does not have a minimum requirement when selling silver online, which is similar to not having a minimum requirement when buying from us.

      However, we are a highly active silver and gold coins buyer, which means we are part of many high-volume trades, ensuring that you will be offered the best prices. Whether you are buying or selling from us, we assure clients of the best possible rates, often much better than they can find elsewhere even for junk silver.

      Whether you want to sell a pocket full of silver coins or a bucket of silver jewelry, we can make you an offer in the shortest time. In fact, we buy silver from people across the US, making better offers than jewelers and pawn shops.

      We Buy Silver Bars And All Silver Jewelry

      We buy silver bars or bullion in addition to pretty much all types of silver jewelry. As part of our commitment to being transparent, you’ll find live silver coin and bullion prices, in addition to payouts for silver jewelry. The prices you see are strictly for bullion and scrap material, but we buy silver items of all types including old silver coins, half-dollar coins, and silver dollars.

      It is important to mention that we pay out more for numismatic bullion material and ones with a premium brand name. That means unlike selling your bullion or jewelry anywhere else, where the chances are you will get paid the melt value, we offer you more. Our team knows their stuff, and as leading silver buyers we are committed to ensuring that sellers get exactly what their items are worth and nothing less.

      Our precise and transparent pricing mechanism ensures that customers know that they are getting the best price when they sell silver jewelry, bullion, coins, and everything else in between. The non-numismatic silver bullion(s) is very easy to sell along with other non-numismatic precious metals, which means that you can get paid within a day at most.

      At NPMEX, we both buy and sell silver metal in various forms, which is why we are one of the few online buyers of silver coins and bullions that can offer you more than any other company. If you have silver items like a Kennedy half dollar or items of numismatic value and are interested in selling them, or maybe even buying them, one of our experts can provide you with a free appraisal similar to when you want to sell gold jewelry. It is a no-obligation appraisal or offer, which you can choose to accept or decline without any pressure.

      As professionals who deal in silver coins, we know that many coins carry extra numismatic value owing to their rarity. We recognize the rarity of these items and can verify if an item is genuine, ensuring sellers get treated to what a piece may be worth.

      Get Free Appraisals For Silver and Other Precious Metals 

      If you live in the US and have silver metal in any form, like bars, coins, rare silver coins, maybe jewelry, or any other item, that you want to get appraised to possibly sell, we can help you. Our appraisal process is pretty simple and transparent.

      As a trusted and one of the leading buyers of silver metal in the US, we operate unlike your run-of-the-mill pawn shops or jewelers. The big difference with us is that we provide clear and firm prices for silver bullion, jewelry, and even numismatic coins. We have certified and experienced experts with years of experience regularly buying and selling silver coins, silver alloy, and jewelry. That means they are up to date, with the latest trends, prices, and other factors needed to make a fair assessment of your items’ value. We make a much better assessment than any other buyer on the market.

      We Buy Mint Coins Too 

      We will also buy US mint coins and those minted in foreign countries, luxury watches and other stuff with numismatic material, and precious metals. In fact, we never cherry-pick our coin collections or any other precious metal items.

      Our offers for gold and silver bullion and other precious metals are strong and based on solid foundations while being transparent. That way, you know why we are offering what we are offering.

      Here are a few more reasons to sell your sliver to us:

      Excellent customer service – All sellers are treated to top-tier customer service. Whether you have a question or would like to report an issue, our team works with you every step of the way.

      We will return items you don’t want to sell for free – If you are not happy with the appraisal or would like to change your mind, your jewelry, coins, or bullions are sent back to you at no extra cost.

      Excellent pricing – We make it a point to make the best possible offer, all things considered. However, you are free to compare what we offer to others.

      Contact Us Today For An Appraisal 

      We sell silver coins online of varying types and have been doing this for years. Our clients have always come to expect the highest quality service and the best prices, so you can too.

      Call us today to arrange for a free appraisal or if you have any questions about our service.