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    If you are in the U.S. and have rare U.S. coins or other rarities including rare precious metal bars, bullion, foreign rare coins, and you are interested in getting them appraised to possibly sell, we make the process easy and transparent. As trusted U.S. Rare Coin Buyers and U.S. Rare Coins Dealers in the United States we operate differently than most of the other local Rare Coin Buyers, local coin shops, and local rare coin dealers, in that we provide clear and firm prices for your rare coins and the rarities you are looking to possibly sell. Our experts rare coin buyers have years of experience and are buying and selling rare U.S. coins and other rarities on a daily basis, so they’re up to date on the latest price trends. This allows us to pay more for your rare U.S. coins, rare foreign coins and other rarities than other local rare coin buyers.

    As professional rare U.S. coin buyers we appreciate the value and rarity of coins missed by other dealers who claim to be experts in rare coins, but lack the numismatic skills required to understand many of the rare coin’s true values.  Unfortunately, for many rare coin collectors it is hard to know current market conditions if they are not constantly active in the rare coin market and have to rely on their local coin shop and local rare coin dealers for current prices.   We have a nation-wide clientele of collectors looking for the rare coins you are looking to sell. Naturally, this allows us to pay more than a coin dealer that only does business locally.  Our rare coin experts are verse in all types of rarities from rare U.S. cents, rare U.S. dollars, rare U.S. gold coins, modern U.S. numismatic coins and other rare U.S. coins. Give us a call today about your Rare Coin Collection.

    Our Simple Process Makes Selling your Rare U.S. Coins Easy

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    Step 1:  Send us pictures or an inventory list via text or email of the coins you would like to get appraised.

    Step 2: Our rare coin expert will review the information and reply back with an initial appraisal and offer

    Step 3: We will arrange for a physical appraisal either in person or through our popular insured mail-in service program.

    Step 4: Receive Funds

    Private appointment

    We have numismatic expert buyers throughout the country and can easily arrange a personal visit to appraise and purchase rare coin collections.  Being a national buyer of U.S. rare coins, foreign rare coins, and rare coin collections means we local rare coin buyers near you.  Our rare coin experts look forward to reviewing your rare coin collection.

    Insured Mail-In Service

    In some cases, coin collections are too small, or the client is too far away for one of our numismatists to travel to. For these situations we created our popular insured mail in program.  Now it is easy to get a free appraisal and offer to purchase from the comfort of your home and ship directly to one of our offices.  After we receive the package one of our buyers will do a final inspection of the items.  If you decide to sell, we pay immediately.  If you decide not to sell, at our expense, we ship your coins or rare coins back to you fully insured.

    If you are interested in starting the process or just have more questions, contact us!  We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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      Rare U.S. Coins For Sale: Buy Rare U.S Coins

      If you have been asking yourself questions like, “Where can I sell my rare U.S.coins for the most money?” or “Where is the best place to sell my rare U.S silver coins?” or “Where is the best place to sell my rare U.S. gold coins?” or “Who buys rare U.S. coins?” or “Is there a Rare U.S. coins buyer near me?” or “Is there a rare U.S.coin dealer near me?” let us show you why hundreds of people have given National Precious Metals Exchange as their answer.

      NPMEX – National Established Rare U.S. Coins Dealers & Rare U.S. Coin Buyers

      NPMEX is one of the leading U.S. rare coin buyers and U.S. rare coin dealers. We are both investors and collectors that have a passion for rare coins.  Every one of our staff members has many years of experience buying rare coins and selling rare coins along with a passion for rare gold coins, rare silver coins, rare U.S. coins and rare coin collecting in general.   This experience and passion ensure that our expert rare coin buyers are able to appraise every rare coin that comes our way.  We provide expert rare coin appraisals, offering the highest possible price for rare pieces when you want to sell. Whether it is a rare foreign coin, rare U.S. coin or any other type of rare coin or valuable coin, we are more than happy to make a strong firm offer to buy it from you at the best possible price.

      Coin collectors place a very high value on coins that have low mintage, errors, high grades, or unique qualities that enhance their value, and rarity. Numismatic coins of value include rare U.S. coins, U.S. type coins, rare key date coins, rare foreign coins, shipwreck recovered coins, and low mintage coins.  You’ll find hard to get rare coins, like  1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollar right here.

      Demand and Supply

      The other factor that ensures a rare coin has value is demand. Demand is quite simply put how much money buyers are willing to put down for a rare coin. While certain rare coins have general prices, there are many other factors that cause the prices of these rare coins to fluctuate. Usually, if the rare coin isn’t easily available with rare coin dealers or can’t be easily purchased, it can be more expensive than the current market believes.

      Mint Marks 

      Nearly every rare coin has mint marks. The marks give the rare coin collector clues as to what a rare coin will be worth. The majority of U.S. minted rare coins have the mint mark on the rare coin’s head. However, older rare coins can have the mint mark on the other side. That said, a few rare coins usually minted in Philadelphia don’t have a mint mark since that was the only mint location or branch in operation.

      Want To Sell Rare Coins?

      You might have an excellent collection of rare coins that you recently inherited or collected through the years but now you now want to part with. You may also be in search of a rare or unique coin to complete your collection or maybe invest in a rare coin collection. Regardless of what you may be looking to do, we can help you. We have the expertise to assist you with all types of rare coin transactions, even appraising rare coins professionally.

      You want to beware of many fly-by-night rare coin appraisers looking to take advantage of people with rare coin collections. Always consult with certified rare coin buyers like us; we always pay cash for rare coins and deal in all types, from rare gold coins to rare silver coins and rare bullion coins.

      If you are looking to buy a few rare coins, then call us today for pricing.

      We Are You One-stop-shop for all your Buying & Selling Needs for All Types of Rare Coins and U.S. Rare Coins 

      We specialize in buying, selling, and appraising all types of rare coins, including ancient coins, rare gold coins, and U.S. rare coins. In fact, we are actively looking for new rare coins to replenish our rare coin inventory.

      Our online coin store offers collectors, investors, and anyone else interested in rare coins a one-stop solution for everything they need. That said, we often have lots of rare coins coming in and going out, which is why we can’t guarantee the availability of any specific coin. We often sell a rare coin as soon as someone makes a competitive offer.

      Here are a few more reasons to do business with us:

      A growing inventory – We are always on the lookout for rare or historic coins on the market. Regardless of what you might have, we are interested in buying making an offer.

      Free consultation and appraisals – If you have a rare coin collection that needs to be appraised before being sold, we can help you with that. Our team of experts will appraise any rare coin collection, giving you an assessment of its true value.

      Quick response time – We respond promptly, regardless of if you are buying or selling. In fact, our excellent customer service is one of the reasons why we are the company of choice for many rare coin collectors.

      Contact NPMEX Today 

      We know that getting a fair offer on a rare coin collection can be challenging. We also know it can be equally challenging to find rare coins to complete your collection. Regardless, we have the expertise needed to help you get the best prices for rare coins whether buying rare coins or selling rare coins. Contact us today to speak with one of our national professional rare coin dealers.