Gold Bars

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Gold Bars

Gold bars are also referred to as gold bullion bars and are available in many different sizes. The most popular is the ½ gram gold bar, but they (gold bars) are available at up to 1 kilo. There are quite a few different sizes in between.

Regardless of which type or form of gold bullion bar you choose, you can be assured that it is has been an authentic form of currency or legal tender for as long as written history. Usually, these gold bars match sovereign coins in terms of purity and content but are cheaper than the current gold spot price since they are privately minted.

One of the reasons why investors buy gold bullion bars is affordability and diversity. The bars have a much lower premium associated with them compared to the spot prices of gold bullion coins. The bullion bars are available in different weights with a variety of styles, such as minted ingots; you can buy hand-poured gold bars and cast gold bars. Each one is stamped with the precise weight of the bar, its serial number, and fineness.

The gold bars available at NPMEX are minted or produced at some of the most reputed refineries to ensure that they are of exemplary quality. These refineries include the:

• Scottsdale Mint

• Valcambi Mint

• Credit Suisse Mint

• Sunshine Mint

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