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    We Offer Free Appraisals & Offers on Proof Sets, Mint Sets and Commemorative Coin Sets

    Our expert coin buyers want to give you a free appraisal and offer on your Coin Collection, including, Mint Sets, Proof Sets, and Commemorative Coins.  We are constantly looking for mint sets, proof sets, and U.S. Commemorative Coins to buy to fill our customers want lists.  If you are looking to buy or sell US coins, call or fill out our contact form below. Since we buy and sell large volumes of US mint, proof and commemorative coin sets on a daily basis, our coin experts have excellent knowledge of the latest prices and trends which allows us to pay more than other coin dealers.

    As professional US Mint Set, Proof Set, and Commemorative Coin buyers we appreciate the value of coin sets missed by other dealers who claim to be experts in US Coins, but lack the numismatic skills required to understand many coins true values.  Unfortunately, for many coin collectors it is hard to know current market conditions if they are not constantly active in the mint set, proof set, and commemorative coin market and have to rely on their local coin shop for current prices.   We have a nation-wide clientele of collectors looking for the US mint, proof, and commemorative coins you are looking to sell.  This allows us naturally to pay more than a dealer that does only business locally.  Our US coin experts are verse in all types of US mint sets, proof sets and commemorative coins.

    We also purchase foreign mint sets and foreign proof sets from around the world.

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    Step 1:  Send us pictures or an inventory list via text or email of the coins you would like to get appraised.

    Step 2: Our coin expert will review the information and reply back with an initial appraisal and offer

    Step 3: We will arrange for physical appraisal either in person or through our popular insured mail-in service program.

    Step 4: Receive Funds

    Private appointment

    We have numismatic expert buyers throughout the country and can easily arrange a personal visit to appraise and purchase coin collections.  Being a national buyer of US coins and coin collections means we have a local mint coin set buyer, proof coin set buyer, and commemorative coin buyer near you.  Our coin experts look forward to reviewing your coin collection.

    Insured Mail-In Service

    In some cases, coin collections are too small, or the client is too far for one of our numismatists to travel to, for these situations we created our popular insured mail in program.  Now it is easy to get a free appraisal and offer to purchase from the comfort of your home and ship directly to one of our offices.  After we receive the package one of our buyers will do a final inspection of the items.  If you decide to sell, we pay immediately.  If you decide not to sell, at our expense, we ship your coins back to you fully insured.

    If you are interest in starting the process or just have more questions, contact us!  We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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      At NPMEX, we are veterans of the coin industry. Over the years, we’ve purchased and sold hundreds of US Mint Sets, US Proof Sets, and Commemorative Coins, worth many thousands of dollars.

      We are on the constant lookout for coins to buy to fulfill our customer’s demands for these coins. Whether you are looking to buy or sell US Mint Coins, US Proof Sets, or Commemorative Coins, etc., feel free to get in touch with us today.

      We buy and sell large volumes of US Proof sets, US Mint sets, and US Commemorative every day, which is why our experts are in the best position to make you the highest offer for your coins and coin sets. The offers we make are based on our knowledge of the industry and the latest price trends. It means that we pay you more than any other coin dealer, because we have collectors looking to buy what you’re looking to sell. If you are a buyer, it also means that you find the best deal on some of the rarest US mint sets, US proof sets, and US commemorative coins and coin sets.

      We Are Professional Buyers

      As professionals, we know exactly how much a particular coin is worth, something that most other deals will miss, even if they claim to be experts. Furthermore, many of these so-called experts lack the numismatic skills needed to properly appraise a coin or even begin to understand its true value.

      Many coin collectors are also unfortunately not aware of the present market value of their coin collections.  If you are not constantly active in the coin market it is almost impossible to be aware of the going market rates for your coins, get in touch with us, we will help you get a current price on your coin or coin collection. Unlike others local dealers, we are a nation-wide business so have a much larger pool of clients, which allows us to pay more.  By having clients across the country who are looking for the types of coins you’re looking to sell, we have a buyer ready to acquire them. If anything, it means you get paid more compared to if you were to sell to another dealer.

      The first step to getting an appraisal for your coins for possible sale is to contact us with what you’re looking to sell including your mint sets, proof sets, and commemorative coin set.  If you want to start the process or have a few questions feel free to contact us.

      With NPMEX Selling Your Coins Is Easy

      We have made the process of selling your mint coins, proof set, and commemorative coins easy. All you need is to follow the simple steps outlined below to get your collection appraised.

      Step no. 1 – Send Us Pictures: The first step is to send us pictures or a list via email or text messaging.

      Step no. 2 – We Will Review: Our resident coin experts with years of experience will review what you send us and get back to you with an initial appraisal.

      Step no. 3 – Scheduling A Physical Appraisal: The physical appraisal is done in person or via our insured mail-in program. Contact us today to arrange a physical appraisal

      Step no. 4 – Get Paid: Once we’ve gone over your coin or coin collection, i.e., the types of coins and their condition, we will make the final firm offer.  If you decide to accept are offer, we make immediate payment, if you decide to keep your coins, we will ship your coins back to you fully insured at our expense.  There is no risk.

      You are kept up to date throughout the process with text message alerts or you can sign up for email messages.

      Proof Sets

      The US Mint first produced proof coins in the 1800s. Proof coins were special coins manufactured with an extra-fine finish on the surface, after which they were sold to coin collectors via the US Mint offices. However, every coin in circulation does not have a proof counterpart, which is one of the reasons why they are a collector’s item.

      As time passed, coin collectors started to demand a proof coin for every type of coin that was minted. Later in 1936, the United States mint began producing coin sets for every coin minted, and those were sold directly to collectors. These coins could also be ordered through the mail.

      Later on, the US mint also started producing commemorative coins. The US mint was producing these coins in proof and business strike finishes. There were produced in varying sets that combined coins of various denominations and finishes; these were also sold to collectors. In the present-day United States, anyone can order proof coins directly from the United States Mint website. The process is quick and easy for the most part. Click here for US mint, mint sets, proof sets, commemorative coins, as well as other coins and items for sale. US Mint Catalog – Silver and Gold Coins, Numismatic Supplies and Gifts

      Proof Coins – Rarities, Varieties, and Special Dates

      Now, if you have a few proof sets and want to get a quick idea of what it is worth, then you should find the after-mentioned section useful. We have covered proof sets that tend to be worth a lot of money regardless of their condition. That’s why these coins are so commonly counterfeited, or common coins are altered to look this way. For this reason, before you start opening up that vintage wine bottle and planning for early retirement, get the coins authenticated by our team.

      Below is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should be a good start.

      • Proof sets from 1936 – 1951. Generally speaking, we’d say you should be careful when buying these sets. These were not packaged like the proof sets sold today, with hard plastic cases. These proof sets were shipped in cellophane or paper envelopes. So, it is fair to assume that the acids in the metals have reacted with the coins causing damage. That’s why we don’t expect them to be in perfect condition.

      • 1971-S No S Jefferson 5-cent. The so-called Jefferson nickel does not have the “S” mintmark on its obverse.

      • 1990-S No S Lincoln cent. This one, too, is missing the “S” on the observe which should be under the date.

      • 1981-S Clear S. The mintmarks on all these coins are flat and clear

      Current US mint catalog of proof coins:  US Mint Proof Coins for Sale.

      United States Mint Commemorative Coins

      Commemorative coins were officially launched in 1892 by the United States Mint. However, 44 years, prior a special “one-of-a-kind” coin was produced in 1848, which was made from the newly discovered gold in California. It was August of 1848 when a special shipment of over 14 pounds of gold was sent to the US mint in Philadelphia, which was to be refined to determine its purity and confirm if it was, in fact, gold discovery in the west. Soon after testing, the majority of this so-called first gold was then used to make 1389 $2/1/2 Gold Quarter Eagles in 1848, to serve as commemorative coins, and celebrate the discovery of gold. The “CAL” stamped gold coins were the first ones to be issued by the US mint, which makes them so rare and valuable.

      It wasn’t until much later, in 1892, that the first official commemorative coinage had started being produced. The first ones produced were for the World’s Columbian Exposition with the Columbian Half-Dollar, mainly serving as a commemoration to the 400th year of Columbus’ discovery of the Americas. The very next year, the Columbian Exposition quarter dollar with Queen Isabella of Spain on its face was issued.

      Early Commemoratives Collections

      The US gold and silver issues are either collected by their types or their sets based on mintmarks. Many people find these coins fun to own because they tell a part of history that isn’t taught in regular history books. However, for the investor/collector, these coins appreciate in value far beyond their face value. Some of the most popular and rare US commemorative coins which include but aren’t limited to:

      • World’s Columbian Exposition Isabella Quarter which was produced from 1892 to 1893

      • World’s Columbian Exposition Half Dollar, which was produced from 1892 to 1893.

      • Lewis and Clack Exposition, which was produced between 1904 and 1905

      • The Lafayette Dollar was produced in 1900

      • Panama-Pacific Exposition, which was produced in 1915

      • The Louisiana Purchase Exposition which was produced in 1903

      The Latest Commemorative Coins

      The commemorative coin program had been halted for a few decades until it was restarted in 1982, which re-invigorated the Numismatics. The first coin to be produced was the Washington commemorative half dollar coin, which marked the 250th anniversary of the capital’s birth. Since then, the US mint has produced many excellent coins to commemorate various events or places. Today there are many different varieties that will thrill just about any collector, seller, or buyer in the market for them.

      If anything, each commemorative coin is made with the idea that it is part of American history. So, not only do these coins represent an investment in the country’s past but ensuring its future. Furthermore, commemorative coins produced by US Mints are a way for the country to raise money for causes while commemorating significant points in the Republic’s history. Not only are they a beautiful addition to your collection, but they capture money art in the best way it can be captured.

      Commemorative Coin Collections

      There is so much right now being talked about and written about when it comes to US commemorative coins that covering every aspect of each collection is hard to do in a single article. However, generally speaking, military-themed commemorative coins with patriotic and Boy Scouts themes are very popular commemorative coins.

      Also popular are coins with sports themes like Olympic events, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and other commemorative coins. Furthermore, commemorative coins mark emotional issues like those associated with Civil Rights, Breast Cancer Awareness and March of Dimes, etc. Regardless of what may interest you, we are pretty sure that there is a coin out there for you to collect that commemorates it.

      As a commemorative coin collector, it is also important to be aware that these coins are available in varying finishes like proof and uncirculated. They are made from different types of metals like silver, clad, or gold, with prices ranging from $25 on the low end to $250 and sometime much more. The worth of these coins tends to vary, so it’s hard to know the value without examining the coin or knowing more about it. Furthermore, some collectors choose to collect coins with a particular type of finish only. Advanced collectors opt to collect all variations with different mint marks, produced in West Point, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver mints, etc.

      Click for more Information about the US Mint Commemorative Coin Program 

      Current Catalog of Commemorative coins offered by the US Mint:  US Mint Commemorative coin program Catalog


      Q. Is it possible to set up a private appointment to sell my proof sets, mint sets, and commemorative coin sets?

      A. Yes, it is possible. We currently have numismatic expert buyers throughout the US, which means that we can easily arrange a personal visit to appraise your collection. We have proof coin set buyers, local mint coin set buyers, and commemorative coin set buyers near where you live. We look forward to reviewing and appraising your coin collection once you get in touch with us.

      Q. I want to sell four coins? Can you arrange for an expert buyer to visit me?

      A. Four or five coins unless high value coins would be too small for a collection to warrant one of our numismatists to travel possibly several hundred miles to examine. In situations like these, it is best to use our insured mail in program. The program provides you with a free appraisal via pictures or list of your coins. You can do all of this from the comfort of your home. Once we receive the package, our buyer will carry out the final inspection. If you agree to sell, we will pay you immediately. If you decide to keep the coin collection, we will ship the coins back to you at our expense, fully insured. So, you have nothing to lose.

      Q. Can I get an appraisal over video chat?

      A. It is hard to examine a coin via video chat properly. Certain marks aren’t entirely visible and merit an in-person inspection. However, we can give you a rough estimate of what the coin(s) are worth if you send us high-resolution pictures or if coins are in NGC or PCGS holders.


      Where is the best place to sell your us mint sets, us proof sets, and us commemorative sets?

      Simple answer is NPMEX.  Give us a call today 303-500-5159 or email us at contactnpmex@gmail.com