Alaska Sales Tax Laws on Gold & Silver Bullion / Coins

Rules and Regulations for the State of Alaska

Sales Tax Law

The State of Alaska currently does not have a sales and use tax; however, some local jurisdictions impose local sales taxes.

CPMEX currently does not collect sales tax on orders shipping to Alaska. There is currently no statewide sales tax in effect in the state of Alaska, therefore we are not required to collect sales tax on any products shipping to an address in Alaska.


Alaska Capital Gains Tax

Alaska does not impose a state income tax on its citizens, so there is no taxation on capital gains on precious metals.

Please Note: The above is not a comprehensive description of sales tax laws and requirements in the state of Alaska. It is only intended to provide the reader with a brief overview of those sales tax laws and requirements currently in effect in the state of Alaska that relate to the reader’s transactions with CPMEX. If you would like to research the sales tax laws and requirements in the state of Alaska, we suggest you visit the Alaska department of revenue located at


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