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If you are in Alaska and have rare U.S paper money or paper currency and you are interested in getting them appraised to possibly sell, we make the process easy and transparent.  As a Rare Paper Money Buyer and Rare Currency Buyer in Alaska we operate differently then most of the other local Alaska Rare Currency Buyers in that we provide clear and firm prices for your currency.  Our experts have years of experience and are buying and selling rare currency on a daily basis so are up to date on the latest price trends, which allows us to pay more for your rare paper currency or rare paper money then other local Alaska currency buyers.

Throughout the years we have done appraisals and liquidations for private estates, the US government, private individuals, coin dealers, pawn shops, jewelry stores, antique dealers, estate attorney’s as well as many others.   We have purchased millions in rare paper money, rare paper currency, gold, rare coins, bullion,  precious metals, jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches and other numismatic items from customers just like you.  Our company takes pride in providing our customers with the best transparent and straight forward pricing.  This approach helps our clients insure they not only get the highest prices, but also the knowledge of the current market for their paper currency or rare money.

Our Alaska US paper money and paper currency buyers are always looking to purchase rare paper money and other paper currency for our clients and collectors.   In addition to buying paper money and paper currency, our buyers are experts and strong buyers of these additional items:

  • Rare US Coins
  • US Mint Coins & Sets
  • US Paper Money
  • Foreign Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Luxury Watches

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