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    If you are in the US and have gold in any form including jewelry, bars, bullion, rare coins, watches, teeth, nuggets or other items and you are interested in getting them appraised to possibly sell, we make the process easy and transparent. As a trusted Gold Buyer and Gold Dealer in the United States we operate differently then most of the other local US Gold Buyers in that we provide clear and firm prices for your gold jewelry and bullion coins. Our experts have years of experience and are buying and selling gold jewelry, coins, and other gold items on a daily basis so are up to date on the latest price trends, which allows us to pay more for your gold jewelry, rare gold coins, gold coins, or other gold items then other local gold buyers.

    We Provide Transparent Prices So Our Customers Know They Are Getting The Best Prices


    At the top of the page are some of our live Gold Coins, Bullion and Gold Jewelry Prices we are currently paying for strictly bullion or scrap gold material.  ***Notice to our customers and future customers*** We pay more for numismatic bullion material or premium brand gold jewelry and we know our stuff!

    Our clear transparent prices helps our customers know they are getting the best price for their gold bullion products they are looking to transact in.  Non-numismatic gold bullion and other non-numismatic precious metal transactions are straight forward and so is our pricing.

    Since we are both buyers and sellers of bullion, and numismatic coins,  we pay more then other coin companies who just buy or sell.   Contact us with the bullion products or numismatic items you are interested in selling or buying and one of our experts will provide you with a free, no obligation offer or price.

    There are many gold bullion coins that carry extra numismatic value due to their rarity.  As professional bullion buyers we recognize these rarities and pay current liquid fair market value for these rarities.   With our national clientele of buyers we need your material.

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